Lampe de poche the RovyVon Aurora A5X

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Description The Aurora  GITD  keychain led flashlight comes to the 2nd... mehr
Information du produit "Lampe de poche the RovyVon Aurora A5X"


The Aurora GITD keychain led flashlight comes to the 2nd generation, here is the RovyVon Aurora A5x. CREE XP-G3 front LED with a max output of 650 lumens, and utilizes neutral white secondary sidelights. With the optimized driver and almost 3 times of battery capacity, the Aurora A5x can last up to 66 hours at ultra-low mode (3 lumens), and the PWM was improved. 

    1. Quick and easy mode switch operation
    2. CREE XP-G3 LED, max 650 lumens
    3. Optional secondary LEDs
      a. White (Neutral white)*2 + Red signal light*1(A5xR)
      b. White (Neutral white)*2 + UV light*1**(A5xU)
    4. 330mAh lithium polymer battery lasts up to 66 hours
    5. Micro USB charging with indicator, fully charged in 90 minutes
    6. Improved PWM
    7. Mode memory after working for 3 minutes or longer
    8. Neutral white (4500K) secondary lights
    9. Ergonomic design and one-handed operation friendly side switch
    10. Stainless steel two-way pocket clip
    11. Equivalent IP66 weather resistance
    * When the light works at high mode and Medium mode, it will step down to 130/90 lumens in 100 seconds due to the massive heat generated to protect the light itself and the user.
    ** The main purpose of the UV light on A5xU is for charging the luminous body.
  • Dimensions: Ø0.61'' (15.6mm) x L2.38'' (60.5mm)
    Weight: 0.52oz/14.8g

    Battery: 330mAh lithium polymer rechargeable
    Recharge: Micro USB
    Charging time: 90 minutes (500mA/5V)
    Charging indicator: Breathing blue is in charge, solid blue is fully charged
    Max runtime: 66 Hour
    Beam distance: 109 meters

    Accessory: 1*SS key ring, 1*SS pocket clip, 1*USB cable, 1*User manual, 1*Warranty card.

  • Front LED
    Momentary ON: Press and hold, release to turn off
    Constant ON: Double click (memorized mode)
    Switch mode: Click to cycle through Ultra low-Low-Med-High
    Memory: The light will come back the mode in next time after tuned off if it worked at the mode over 3 minutes

    Side LED
    Turn ON: Triple click
    Switch mode: Click to cycle through
    a. A5xR: White Low-White High-Red-Red flash (Signal)
    b. A5xU: White Low-White High-White flash
    Quad click to activate the UV light on A5xU.

    Turn off
    a. Long press for 0.3 second
    b. Working at any mode over 3 minutes, click to turn off

    Quick switch: At any status or mode, no matter ON or Off, Double click, Triple-click and Quad click can be switched to the related Turn-ON mode;
    a. Rapid Double-click: Memorized mode

    b. Rapid Triple-click: White sidelight
    c. Rapid Quad-click: UV